Walking On Tiptoes

I want to start by saying I’m sorry I’ve been neglectful.

I can blame this neglect of not posting as regularly here in my blog to the crazy crazy schedule I’ve been keeping lately. But, I won’t.

Why? Because every crazy minute spent was well worth it. I was able to finally meet — face-to-face — and spend 4 wonderful days with two of my favorite people in the world — my bosses (not kissing ass here — just telling the truth) plus my wonderful soul sister Cher. 

The bosses flew all the way from Israel to attend an event in Cebu, hosted by their friend Chris Ducker of Virtual Staff Finder, and extended their stay to spend time with me (ain’t that beat all!). And like a cherry on top of the proverbial sundae, we got to record a podcast episode for Inspiring Innovation Podcast with Meron Bareket. Check out the episode HERE

Being a radio personality, it was weird that I’d get to experience initial jitters (I’m international, baby!), but I got past it and was able to share with the podcast’s audience how to effectively work virtually. Apart from the interview, I get to go on one of my favorite past times with them — a gastronomic adventure.

Red Velvet Cake at Cafe Adriatico
The Unbeatable (so far) Red Velvet Cake at Cafe Adriatico


Sampling Filipino Dishes at Recipes Greenbelt
Sampling Filipino Dishes at Recipes by Cafe Metro


Thai Food at Oody's Resto
Thai Food at Oody’s Restaurant


Amazing Cakes at Conti's Greenbelt
Amazing Cakes at Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant


After-Dinner Dessert at Bizu
After-Dinner Dessert at Bizu Patisserie

And some drinks and live band music. . .

Saturday Night at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt
Saturday Night at Spicy Fingers Bar and Restaurant

All in all, it was an awesome experience and I’m crossing my fingers that there’ll be a repeat in the near future.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to focus on one thing that made me stop and think for about 5 seconds or so. It’s all about impressions (first, second, last…) and why it’s a natural inclination for people to be so worried about it that some even get sick over it.

The First Meeting

The first time I’m meeting the bosses, I was like a nervous virgin going on her first date. I went through 4 outfits, trying to decide which one will not be over the top or too shabby for a first meeting. I initially decided on wearing something tropical-ish (because summer has landed pretty early in this part of the world). Then, I ended up wearing a black top and skinnies.

On my way to our rendezvous place, because of nerves my hands were clammy and I developed a throbbing headache. I was too worried about what I look and the impression I’ll project that it all come out to wash when I saw them and how I immediately felt comfortable from the genuinely, big smile and warm hug I got. All the effort and the nerves I experienced prior to that first meeting became unnecessary and an absolute waste of time.

I guess, as social beings, it’s instinctual to create a good first impression. We want people to like us from the get-go, so we pretend or put on masks to hide our true selves most of the time. We curb our enthusiasm and zip our potty mouths shut. We act dainty and polished when the truth is, we can rough it out like any ordinary folk. We want to be established as creme de la creme, but unless we are so, it’s difficult to keep up with the pretense (if you’re not a con artist).

We are programmed to put our best foot forward and walk on tiptoes as we try to curb our other less desirable peculiarities and behavior.

I’ve got plenty of those undesirables — believe me. I am a walking and talking contradiction and I try to be on my best behavior when in mixed company or around strangers. Those peculiarities emerge once I am sure I will not scandalize the company I’m with, by saying random naughty/twisted/mind-bleaching thought out loud. Lord knows I’ve been prone to say embarrassingly candid stuff one time too many. And thank heavens the bosses are NOT stuck-up snobs with a stick up their sphincters.

Lesson learned. . . 

Don’t worry too much about making a good impression because sooner or later, your true colors will shine through and that initial pretend-to-be-a-fragile-flower routine will hurt your image/reputation more than it will help.

So, my true colors did shine though. I was unable to stop my wayward mouth (and thoughts) from blurting out the absurd and the uglies. I can’t even believe I started talking about hentai with my bosses for crying out loud! It all goes to show that I felt comfortable and secure enough to be myself and I hope (and pray — if the whole kneeling down thing really works) that I haven’t completely ruined my semi-stellar rep.

Special thanks to. . .

  • The truly inspiring Meron Bareket — for making me sound good in the podcast and for being one of the greatest people on Earth.
  • The amazing and inspiring Julie Sheranosher — for being my lifesaver. Meeting you a year ago saved me from a mind-numbing depression and eventual disaster of epic proportions.
  • The super wonderful Berni Xiong (my life spark) of The Shut Up Show — for the lovely comment on Twitter and for listening to the podcast episode. 
  • The lovely Cher Payuyo — you’re the best friend any girl would want to have (and you’re mine) and keep forever. 
  • And to the 820 followers of The Good/Bad Me Blog — you guys propel me to become a better person and motivate me to live life one awesome moment at a time.



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