ending the rut

Why Do I Blog?

It’s been more than three years that I started blogging and it was just recently that someone asked me why I blog.

I didn’t have a ready answer. Somehow, my usual reason of blogging as an outlet for all my pent-up emotions and overactive thinking is not enough anymore. Somehow, I started to doubt the purpose of this blog.

Back in 2012, I blog as a social experiment and a way to learn how to use WordPress for a job. But then, it evolved into something personal. It became what it is known now as the place where I dump all my mind, feelings/emotions and inspirations. That’s the reason why for all these years, TGBM blog has no structure whatsoever — and it’s fine as it is. It’s not like it’s a multi-million dollar business or something, right?

Anyway, the social experiment was put aside as months passed and the reason I’m left with is the whole brain dumping thing. However, for the past few months, I’ve totally lost my way. My brain suddenly became this wilderness of incomprehensible thoughts. I can’t get into the groove of putting my emotions into words anymore. It’s as if my brain was put into mute.

It was the worst time of my writing journey.

I became stagnated. Nothing inspired me. Even complimentary words from friends and family doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve been muted and there’s no one (other than myself) who can get me out of this infernal rut.

They say that when things go bad, always remember the WHY and inspiration will naturally come to you.

But what can I do when the WHY evades me too?

ending the rut

Then, I had an epiphany. I told myself to let the rut run its course because it wouldn’t last forever. And that sometimes, it’s better not to swim against the current just to get to the other side of the lake.

So, that’s what I did.

I let it ride out. I took one day at a time, experiencing the world once again, naturally detoxing my muted brain and just breathe in new air — new ideas — without forcing it. I didn’t go against the current, instead I swam along with it and waited when I could get into the groove again and be able to write something with substance and not just write because I need new content and not a couple of bland ones that doesn’t really reflect me.

I bided my time and the WHY eventually appeared in a bold, neon sign.


Actually, I have plenty to say. A once introverted person (who is sometimes still introverted in many ways) also has a voice and what better way to say it than to blog about it, no?

I blog not to get famous (although it will be a great feather in my cap if it does happen). So, no matter how many hits or views I get for each post, no matter how well-received or not, I blog because I have an opportunity to share something of myself to other like-minded people out there that I might otherwise won’t be able to reach in a traditional way.

Blogging is a powerful medium to get connected to the world. It’s a priveledge not most people has an opportunity open to them. It might be luck or even fate, but creating this blog has helped me know myself and share myself to people.

And that, folks, is why I blog.

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