Keept It Whole - Poetry

The Verses: Keep It Whole

Where’s your road?
The road you once meant to run…
The road where you met and gave up…
Everything and nothing at all.

Where’s your life?
The life you wanted for two decades ago…
The life you once saw a bright future…
of everything you’ve dreamt will come true.

Where’s your mind?
The mind that tells you to run…
The mind that stopped you and let go…
Of everything that shatters inside.

Where’s your soul?
The soul that bragged of all that’s good…
The soul you kept guard and never missed…
Anything that will shatter you.

Where’s your heart?
The heart that you’ve protected…
The heart that told you to let go…
Of everything that’s keeping you from the road.

Where’s your love?
The love you’ve searched, grasped and let go…
The love that swore to never let you go…
and everything in between you and your road.

Everything is shattering.
It all points to your grey-scaled world…
The world you’ve created inside your mind.
Stop the trigger and breathe…

Breathe for the moment.
Breathe for what you wanted.
Breathe for what’s promised.
Breathe for what’s coming.


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