celebration lights from unsplash


2016-01-31-19-32-16-670Dear me… dear me… I’m at it again, huh?

Apologies are all I can give as I have found myself in a tight and almost inflexible schedule for ages.

With the whirlwind of activities that occupied my time, I barely had enough to post a lot here and I truly apologize.

What’s new in The Good/Bad Me?

As you might have noticed. The site has a new look as I transition over to showcasing my various endeavors and projects. Narrative blathering posts will be random (just like my musings and thoughts), but there will be more additions to the ever-growing world of words.

There will be poetry, music, art, book recommendations with brief reviews (I’m also linking it to my Goodreads account in here) and food/recipes (what does a foodie like me do?) incorporated here.

There will also be chronicles of my travels as I am gearing towards a travel-filled 2016. [I’m so excited, but my bank account won’t be.]  It’s part of my “live life to the fullest (carpe diem)” goal, since I’m getting positively old and need more adventure in my life before I shrivel up and die.

Lastly… tons of photos! I’m getting this baby more visual for the picture-loving community. 🙂

I’m taking baby steps in revamping the site. So, if you encounter a bit of a roadblock, I’m sorry. I’m going to get this thing smoothly integrated soon, and thank you for your patience.

Blessed be.

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