@lucaszszmigiel on Unsplash


Today I declare… 
Something I haven’t bravely dared 
My lost soul crying from within
I never confessed to being fair. 

Today I declare… 
This broken soul be aware
Of the tyranny of self-doubt, I bear
And the fears have quietly shared. 

Today I declare… 
That the false sense of freedom bare 
The hurt and pain I swear
I have not and could not be spared. 
@lucaszszmigiel on Unsplash
Out of all I declared… 
I have become thus that I shall repair
With golden patches on cracks
Of an armament, one would want to spare. 

So tonight I declare… 
Even through sleepless nights, I fare
None too brave and ever so hopeless 
That I too shall grudgingly dare.

Rose Min x

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