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MY PLAYLIST: Top Ten Tracks for April and May 2014

Yes … it’s 2 months of tallied playbacks and here are the ten tracks that ruled my musical ears from April until May — and it’s intentional.

april and may music playlist collage

For a music freak like me, it’s inconceivable to not have anything new every month. I can blame the hot weather for the lack of inspiration to scour for new music. I can also blame the un-conducive surroundings I’m currently in; I’m moving to a new place very very soon and I’m currently surrounded by boxes that’s giving me a bad case of allergic rhinitis.

Anyway, I can blame it on almost anything that irritates me, including my noisy, inconsiderate  neighbors. Heck, I can blame the universe for not allowing the creative flow to veer towards my direction for the past 2 months. However, I’m not going to bore you more with my rants borne through the lack of inspiration that has spawned a playlist that’s been ran ragged for 2 months now. The positive outcome though is me appreciating a lot of the artists listed down.

And … once again … a reminder: This playlist is in no way associated with any popular music countdown all over the universe. It’s just plain ‘ol me and my mission to discover good music.

(Please click on the photos to watch/listen to the tracks. Thanks!)

1. M83 – Reunion

M83 Reunion YouTube video I’m rekindling my love for M83 after being introduced to them through their remix of Bloc Party‘s Pioneers back in 2005. And so far, Reunion tops the list of my favorite tracks from this French electronic band.

As artistry goes, no two M83 sounds alike — a feat uncommon to most musicians (including yours truly). There’s a different flavor added to each of M83’s song: sometimes ambient, sometimes indie rock and sometimes just uncategorized but still hands-down lovely. That randomness in their sound completely endeared them to me. And them being French adds something to the like-factor as well, putting them in my list of “like” bands along with Phoenix and Modjo.

2. Amy Stroup – Sabotage

amy stroup sabotage youtube video

Okay, this one will sound weird to some, but as confessions go, I’d have to admit that I first heard Amy Stroup because of Smallville. It’s in one particular scene in Smallville’s final season, when Oliver Queen (played by Justin Hartley) told Chloe Sullivan (played by Allison Mack) that they’re married (check out the scene here). Amy Stroup’s song “Alas We Aspire” was the background music.

So I’ve always associated Amy Stroup songs to background music for popular teen TV shows — most especially those cavity-inducing sweet moments. And Sabotage was right on the mark. I like it . . . makes me feel semi-romantic.

3. MAGIC! – Rude

MAGIC! rude youtube video

I wasn’t paying particular attention to the lyrics to this song when I first heard it a couple of months ago. It was a the reggae flavor and the catchy chorus that did me in. And to make matters worse, I started listening to this track repeatedly like a maniac since last month and 70% memorized the song’s lyrics unconsciously. I mustn’t  complain. I mustn’t . . .

4. Phantogram – When I’m Small

phantogram when i'm small youtube video

My girl crush on Sarah Barthel, half of this electronic rock duo from New York, has intensified. I am totally captivated every time I watch Phantogram videos. Their signature sound has pierced both my conscious and subconscious that I am, without a doubt, addicted. This track has been played around my house/office and while doing other things like grocery shopping or working out numerous times that I can’t even count how many anymore.

5. Jaymes Young – One Last Time

jaymes young one last time youtube video

It’s a relaxing tune from indie artist Jaymes Young. Listening to this track at the end of the day is like shedding off all the back pains and throbbing headaches that have been plaguing me for most of the two months I’ve been relatively quiet. Much like whenever I listen to M83, Jaymes’s songs brings an almost ethereal music palette that brings out the zen in me.

6. Kele – On The Lam

kele on the lam youtube video

A devout Bloc Party admirer, I’ve been one of the disgruntled when they went on hiatus back in 2009. Then I heard their frontman — Kele Okereke — having a studio album. I was sceptical at first since the direction he’s going for is more on the electronic genre. But then again, I’m an odd living thing with an eclectic taste in music, so I went ahead and bought his album. That was back in 2010. There are a couple of stand-outs (for me, at least) from the album and one of them is this track.

7. THUMPERS – Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

Thumpers - Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

I’ve always been a fan of upbeat sounds, possibly due to the fact that I’ve got enough drama already and I don’t want more drama in something that should inspire instead of depress me. Accidentally, I stumbled on THUMPERS while searching for St. Lucia songs a few months back. And like most stuff I binge-download, it’s been sitting ducks there in my folders and completely forgotten about it until I heard it played on the local radio!

Since I don’t want to be left in the dust,and knowing I have it on my laptop somewhere, I searched and sighed with relief when I found it and has been a staple track during my packing hours. Like most indie tracks with an upbeat feel to it, I soon fell head-over-heels. And the rest is history.

8. Panic At The Disco – Can’t Fight Against The Youth

panic at the disco can't fight against the youth youtube video

More pop-ish than I usually go for, probably because they’ve been carousing all over MTV with their video of “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” I was a little reserved when I first heard this track a few months back.

But like some songs I know, it grew on me and now, I even have it as a background music to my dreams! Talk about a whack-job.

9. Coldplay – Magic

coldplay magic youtube video

From the moment I saw Chris Martin singing “Yellow” on a video in VH1 eons ago, I’ve been a fan. Admittedly, there were times when I got bored by some of their stuff, but my love has once again been resurrected from the ashes through Magic — from Coldplay‘s most recent album, Ghost Stories.

10. Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

Bombay Bicycle Club Luna YouTube video

Honestly, their latest album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, wasn’t as electrifying as their debut (I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose), which I still have in CD format. However, there are still endearing tunes there like “It’s Alright Now“, which I featured in my February playlist, and Luna. Never mind the synchronized swimmers in the video — just enjoy the music.


So, there you go . . . the top ten tracks on my April-May playlist. Be amazing and comment below.

Just follow social media etiquette and we’ll be fine. 😉

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