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MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for November 2013

I’ve always been ridiculously fickle and constantly loves variety in the music I listen to — which is another reason why it’s so hard to find people who listen to the same music I’m currently deeply in love with.

However eccentric I may be, there’s extreme joy whenever I actually find someone who appreciates what I put out here and get really heart-warming comments and requests for more.  It goes to show that there are lots of other misfits out there who enjoy the same eclectic mix of songs I do.

november 2013 playllist

Therefore, I dedicate these tracks to my kindred misfits — may we reign supreme in the face of the world of music!

Disclaimer: This list does NOT fit into a single category or genre, does NOT follow any commercial or non-commercial top lists like anything from Billboard. It’s just “my” list — ten of the most played tracks in my console that even lingers inside my head after the last note had drifted by.

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MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for October 2013

A more somber and even morose month, October’s top ten playlist reflects strongly on what transpires for me. First, my dad’s first death anniversary was this month. Then, the colder temperature and the almost gloomy days just made me very nostalgic and feel the loss all the more as memories bombard my mind — memories of childhood and not being an “adult” with a lot of baggage.  

Added to that, I blame the lethargic weather we’re having lately for my melancholia. The pattering of the rain against my roof lulls me to have my eyes at half-mast every time.  And like most soundtracks of a movie, my song choices for this mouth reflects my moods and disposition.

october 2013 playlist

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MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for September 2013

September was the start of the “ber” months as what we call it here in the Philippines. It ushers in the colder temperatures, more typhoons and of course the most awaited holiday for most people (not me though) — Christmas. By the time this post is published, it’s exactly 85 days before Christmas. 

Along with the festive aura surrounding me comes feel good songs that unconsciously became the most played tracks on my music console — well, at least 80% of my top ten list.

Let’s head along to the countdown.

Reminder: The music listed is not connected in any famous countdown charts. They also do not follow a regulated genre or era. It’s as (how shall I put it?) my own list of favorites for the month of September.

1. Stars – Reunion

I’ve always like Stars. The moment I started listening to them back in 2011, I’ve always adored the way they create music. Among my favorites are Dead Hearts, Calendar Girl and Your Ex-Lover is Dead. But recently, I’ve developed a crush on Reunion. It’s the melody and arrangement that brings flowers to my eyes.

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MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for August 2013

August is what I call the start of the wet months.

For some, they consider that to be June or July. But, for me, the expected downpour is a lot more steadier during August.

And when it is raining almost all the time, it get me lazier; I want to stay on my bed and marinate the whole day. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open throughout the day. I always find myself choking back a yawn even in the middle of a phone conversation with a friend, who is sharing something that usually perks me up.

Anyway, I tend to listen to really jumpy songs whenever I’m in this kind of slump. It’s all reflected on 80% of the songs listed below. They somehow helped me keep my eyes open and forego searching for a quiet corner to doze off and play dead in the middle of the day.

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MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for July 2013

Sometimes I feel like Rip van Winkle, waking up from what seemed to be a short period of sleep and realizing that I skipped decades. It’s eerily scary and at the same time relieved.

Why relieved?

Because when one feels that time just flew by, it means that they were so busy and having a great time to notice the passing time. True?

July was certainly that — very busy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

So, yet again, here I am listing down the 10 songs that had made the passing time bearable and enjoyable.

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