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The 1975’s Self-Titled Debut Album: A Review

This is the first time I’ll be writing something for a full-length album.


The 1975 Album
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Because I feel like The 1975 deserves a special mention here in my blog. I mean, I’ve featured one or two of this band’s songs in my monthly playlist before (MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for September 2013) and once I got my greedy hands on their deluxe album, I’ve fallen . . . I’ve fallen completely and madly in love. Well . . . I’m already mad as it is, but this got me so sigh-ful and knees-wobbling in-love with.

No wonder they’re one of the most talked-about bands of 2013. Getting their album was worth every penny, if I may say so.

Let’s start with disc one. Of course, I will gush over Chocolate. Besides the actual confection from cocoa beans, the song was an early favorite. Then again, I haven’t heard the whole album yet. So when I did, the throbbing beats of the first track — The 1975 — was like a prelude to something great. It was like watching a movie and it whetted my appetite for more. The City follows with the band’s signature upbeat tempo, a familiar sound that I’ve heard countless times from one of my favorite local music radio.

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MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for November 2013

I’ve always been ridiculously fickle and constantly loves variety in the music I listen to — which is another reason why it’s so hard to find people who listen to the same music I’m currently deeply in love with.

However eccentric I may be, there’s extreme joy whenever I actually find someone who appreciates what I put out here and get really heart-warming comments and requests for more.  It goes to show that there are lots of other misfits out there who enjoy the same eclectic mix of songs I do.

november 2013 playllist

Therefore, I dedicate these tracks to my kindred misfits — may we reign supreme in the face of the world of music!

Disclaimer: This list does NOT fit into a single category or genre, does NOT follow any commercial or non-commercial top lists like anything from Billboard. It’s just “my” list — ten of the most played tracks in my console that even lingers inside my head after the last note had drifted by.

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Versions: Electric Feel by MGMT

MGMT at La Route du Rock 2008
MGMT at La Route du Rock 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay . . . I guess I had this coming ever since I saw Preston Pohl’s Blind Audition performance in The Voice US Season 5.

I’ve been an MGMT fan since 2008 when I stumbled upon their album Ocular Spectacular and fell in love with their singles  Time To Pretend, Electric Feel and Kids.

The funny thing was, exactly an hour before hearing the audition on TV, I was listening to Time To Pretend. How coincidental is that?!

Five years later it all rushed back. Thanks to that TV audition my love for MGMT was immediately resuscitated. Even my sister (who is totally NOT into psychedelic rock, indie or just plain rock) started liking the song, too — whether it’s the original MGMT version or Preston’s.

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Starting The Week Right

I’ve always had a thing every Mondays. As long as I do everything well on that day (i.e. no negative vibes, major setbacks and FUBAR situations), then my whole week will cruise by perfectly. I’ve treated my Mondays with utmost caution and care. It may be a superstitious thing, but it worked well for almost all my life and there’s nothing wrong with keeping a ritual, belief or whatever you call it. 

So, I’m going to start my Monday right with the wise words from Franz Ferdinand (the band).




Check out Franz Ferdinand’s song Right Action below!

MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for August 2013

August is what I call the start of the wet months.

For some, they consider that to be June or July. But, for me, the expected downpour is a lot more steadier during August.

And when it is raining almost all the time, it get me lazier; I want to stay on my bed and marinate the whole day. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open throughout the day. I always find myself choking back a yawn even in the middle of a phone conversation with a friend, who is sharing something that usually perks me up.

Anyway, I tend to listen to really jumpy songs whenever I’m in this kind of slump. It’s all reflected on 80% of the songs listed below. They somehow helped me keep my eyes open and forego searching for a quiet corner to doze off and play dead in the middle of the day.

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