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Snapshots I took with my handy camera

Villa Vicenta

The place might not be 100% safe when my sister and I went there this month (October 5-10, 2013) because of the Zamboanga City Crisis, but paying our respects to my father’s memory overruled any reservations we might have had and went along with the original plan of being at my father’s hometown — the same place where generations of our family were buried.

We girded our loins and braved the tense peace of the island to celebrate our father’s first death anniversary despite the obvious unfavorable weather and the imminent thread still lurking in the shadows of the destruction.

Yes, unfavorable. How so? It rained continuously the whole time we were there, resulting to a flooded runway and caused us to be stranded there for 3 days. However terrible the trip was though, I was still grateful that we stayed in a beautiful villa owned by our grandaunt — a villa that carried the name of our clan’s departed matriarch — “Villa Vicenta”.

Located in the outskirts of downtown Zamboanga City, Villa Vicenta is privately owned by the Atilano Family and is surrounded by lush, dense greens, its beauty untarnished despite the downpour. Here are shots I took of the place.

Note: These images are not for commercial use. Please communicate with me before using these for your own.

Panoramic View of the west side - Villa Vicenta
Panoramic View of the west side – Villa Vicenta

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