Inspiring Images

What inspires me? Oh . . . a lot.

Because of my very over-imaginative mind, I draw inspiration from almost anything: from music, movies, TV shows, a textile print, a book, a quote, a thought, a word, weird-shaped leaf, weather, montages, old photos, lyrics, iconic figures, culture, language, colors, comments, anatomy, stars, dew drops and a singular butterfly that I don’t know what family it belonged to.

So, here are some images of what inspires a truly chaotic mind.

captured image of an eye with the Earth in th middle of the iris from The Joy Formidable's video of Wolf's LawThis is a cropped image from The Joy Formidable’s “Wolf’s Law” video. The artistry in creating the earth iris is amazingly beautiful that I can’t just not share it and stare at it for quite sometime. This image also helped me outline “The Scroll Saints” concept.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James book coverNeed I say more. The Fifty Shades Trilogy is not just erotic novels. They ushered a slew of mature-themed novels into the mainstream. I was obviously happy about it because I don’t need to hide my guilty pleasure anymore. It’s not taboo to be caught holding a ero book. To add, I fell hopelessly in love with Christian T. Grey. He ruined me for almost all romantic dudes in the fiction world.

three children playing and laughing in the fieldsThere’s nothing more uplifting that seeing children being free and carefree. I love seeing all the joy of youth while they play and frolicked. It’s the innocence of youth that reminded me of my own a long time ago, which is now warped with knowledge and maturity.

Photographer with bright red hair and fashionable clothesThis woman is a staple in Tommy Ton’s street style candid shots. She’s changed her hair color and style numerous times and I can’t help but admire her. I don’t exactly know her name, but she inspires me. She’s unconventional like me and I like that above all. Her individuality shines through.

sharing a romantic kiss in the middle of the park overlooking a castleI’m a romantic at heart. I like seeing love blooming all around me. A simple, non-malicious shot of a couple in love is an inspiration worth penning two short stories after.

The Eiffel Tower - a Parisian landmarkThe Eiffel Tower, a Parisian landmark that provoke thoughts of love, romance and sexiness. Enough said.

Michael Lewis bare chestedI don’t exactly know who he is but he made me burn. 


Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine
Credit to: Maria Ioana


Credit to: Mohammad islam
Credit to: Mohammad islam
Lavender Fields, France
Lavender Fields, France
Credit to: Rihab Ruknuddin


a pink flower
Credit to: Alan Shapiro





. . . and more to come!

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