You Break It, You Pay For It

When I was a kid, my parents used to warn me to keep my hands behind my back whenever we’re in the fragile part of a department store (i.e., the glassware and home accessories section). My mom would tell me that if I break something, I’ve got to pay for it. For a kid with limited funds, that’s enough to make me get scared and opt-out from the excursion on that part of the store.

Now, looking back on those words, I can’t help but relate it to every day my life, but it a less literal way.

I learned early on that glass, ceramics and porcelain are not the only things that can break. Trust, hope, love and all the abstract things in our lives can be broken too — and we have to pay for it one way or another.  Continue reading You Break It, You Pay For It


Is It Or Isn’t It?

Yes… it’s been months of radio silence, and I promise that there’s an acceptable reason for it. But before I try to explain my prolonged absence from the Blogosphere, I wanted to tell you something with how crazy this chick can get some or most of the time.

Writing has been and always will be a sort of therapy for me. When things get to overwhelming, I write — whether I’m too happy or I’m too sad. Somehow, I can’t get into the middle ground of the emotional spectrum. Beats me.  Continue reading Is It Or Isn’t It?

Time Changes, Everything Changes

When left all by myself, my brain goes into hyper-drive — a by-product of being intra-personal for half of my existence so far — I get so down into the whole introspection, over-analyzing situations sometimes. (Yes… I’m self-critical too, and it’s a habit that I’ve been trying to wean myself from for decades.)

When I’m in the “zone”, I think up the most silliest and sometimes the most damning existential thoughts (and questions) that can go on for thousands of years. And one of them is: If time is constant and everything changes, how come history repeats itself?

Who has time to even think about this?

Continue reading Time Changes, Everything Changes


2016-01-31-19-32-16-670Dear me… dear me… I’m at it again, huh?

Apologies are all I can give as I have found myself in a tight and almost inflexible schedule for ages.

With the whirlwind of activities that occupied my time, I barely had enough to post a lot here and I truly apologize.

What’s new in The Good/Bad Me?

As you might have noticed. The site has a new look as I transition over to showcasing my various endeavors and projects. Narrative blathering posts will be random (just like my musings and thoughts), but there will be more additions to the ever-growing world of words.

There will be poetry, music, art, book recommendations with brief reviews (I’m also linking it to my Goodreads account in here) and food/recipes (what does a foodie like me do?) incorporated here.

There will also be chronicles of my travels as I am gearing towards a travel-filled 2016. [I’m so excited, but my bank account won’t be.]  It’s part of my “live life to the fullest (carpe diem)” goal, since I’m getting positively old and need more adventure in my life before I shrivel up and die.

Lastly… tons of photos! I’m getting this baby more visual for the picture-loving community. 🙂

I’m taking baby steps in revamping the site. So, if you encounter a bit of a roadblock, I’m sorry. I’m going to get this thing smoothly integrated soon, and thank you for your patience.

Blessed be.

The Verses: Keep It Whole

Where’s your road?
The road you once meant to run…
The road where you met and gave up…
Everything and nothing at all.

Where’s your life?
The life you wanted for two decades ago…
The life you once saw a bright future…
of everything you’ve dreamt will come true.

Where’s your mind?
The mind that tells you to run…
The mind that stopped you and let go…
Of everything that shatters inside.

Where’s your soul?
The soul that bragged of all that’s good…
The soul you kept guard and never missed…
Anything that will shatter you.

Where’s your heart?
The heart that you’ve protected…
The heart that told you to let go…
Of everything that’s keeping you from the road.

Where’s your love?
The love you’ve searched, grasped and let go…
The love that swore to never let you go…
and everything in between you and your road.

Everything is shattering.
It all points to your grey-scaled world…
The world you’ve created inside your mind.
Stop the trigger and breathe…

Breathe for the moment.
Breathe for what you wanted.
Breathe for what’s promised.
Breathe for what’s coming.

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