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Natural Attractions

As routine goes, I always tune in to one of my favorite radio shows in the morning (every workweek) while I enjoy a mug of coffee or tea before starting work.

So, in a way, this post is related to the topics under discussion for a couple of days about a week or so ago.

The topics were — shall I say — things that have been debated and argued over since time immemorial. It’s engaging; there’s no doubt about that. But for some reason, I cannot help myself from rolling my eyes and mutter, “Here we go again.” This comment is in no way directed at the DJs — they are fantastic. It’s directed to most of the stoopid comments that are quite annoying.

What is it about?

Man Giving Rose To Woman by David Castillo Dominici
Man Giving Rose To Woman
“Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”

So apropos, isn’t it? Considering that Valentine’s Day is just a stone’s throw away. 

But anyway, the topics might be too vague at some point and they could do with some explaining for the dim-witted folks — be more specific — because there are just too many factors to consider when the topic of beauty and attraction comes to mind. Just talking about attractiveness is so general, not to mention the different levels of attraction that one might get lost in answering the basic question: what’s your type?  Continue reading Natural Attractions

Special To Average

Yesterday’s special is average now.

The signs of time is always at work and human nature prevails 99% of the time. How so?

You see, I’ve always been fascinated with history and how people perceive beauty in all its different forms.  As an artist, it’s what I do and where I draw inspiration from sometimes.

Truth: As the world progresses, so as people’s perception on what is acceptable and not.

This thinking led me to believe that what people perceive as special a hundred years ago is not so this time.

Why am I rambling about this?

It’s because of the silly childhood pictures I stumbled upon yesterday while cleaning my storage area. I didn’t mean to look at them and reminisce the awkward stages of my life. But, apparently, the universe and its powers are at work once again and the whole bunch just dropped on the floor. Faded pictures scattered around me, making me cringe as my ultra-selective-bionic eyes zeroed in on an image of me wearing a hideous shirt and shorts ensemble partnered with my accidental semi-afro hair and dark framed glasses. I remember thinking that I was cute wearing that outfit all those years ago. Looking at it now, I want to murder whoever designed those clothes.

Continue reading Special To Average