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Marginalizing Fear

This is a universal truth that I am certain no one can deny. I have yet to encounter someone without fear – if there is such a thing. Even if it’s in a smaller capacity, a minute that is sometimes seen as inconsequential by some, people generally exist with fear.

“Fear – without a doubt – is as fundamental as a person’s heart and brain.” (me)

Image from www.personalitytutor.com
Image from http://www.personalitytutor.com

Because fear brings a lot of negative effects, it is consequently associated with pessimism or negativity that incapacitates a person’s rationale and ability to more towards a goal even if it is already within reach. And because we invite fear to rule our lives, it leads to self-doubt. 

How many times have I let my fears control my life? Countless. And regret follows afterwards – a bitter bedfellow that had been stuck at my side like a leech. My fears have fueled the detrimental question, “What is wrong with me?” (for the article focusing on this debilitating question, click HERE.) and allowed self-doubt to worm its way into my conscious and subconscious. 

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