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2014 TBR List

I had a couple of first-time visitors to my house a few weeks ago and they cannot control themselves from commenting on the amount of books I have.

I guess just calling me a bookworm doesn’t suffice anymore. Maybe I’m along the lines of a book-anaconda. Lol!

Anyway, it brought me to a realization that I haven’t done my 2014 TBR list yet! Although I apparently missed the solar new year, it’s just the beginning of the lunar calendar so I’m still not that late.

The first thing I did after they left was to revisit my 2013 TBR list to check out the books I’ve read and those that I skipped in lieu of other titles that came along. To my utter relief,  I found that I almost completed last year’s list. Of course, there were a few books that I haven’t had a copy yet; those I would have to include in this year’s list.  Continue reading 2014 TBR List