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Never Is A Long Time

There is an old saying about not swearing or saying anything with finality because it will come back to haunt you later. I should have heeded that ominous warning that had been muttered over and over again since I was a kid. Now, it’s munching on my tush and I have no power to turn back time.

creation_700_4325How I wish H.G. Wells’ fantastical contraption or Dr. Brown’s 1981 Delorean in Back To The Future weren’t just figments of the writers’ imagination. With that thought in mind, I started wondering what I would have done if there is an actual time machine.

This had been asked to me — and possibly several thousand other kids too — in school. Although it’s quite an innocent and simple thought, it provoked at least a hundred possibilities and endless barrage of images or eras I would love to go to.

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The Fool’s Day

If there is more ominous than waking up and realizing that it’s the first day of the month, a Monday and it’s April Fool’s day is something bad omen-ish indeed.

Like most Mondays, I always wanted to started right (we start the week on a Monday here in my homeland). You see, I believe in this superstition that if you encounter difficulties or you haven’t had a peachy Monday, the row of bad luck will continue throughout the week. In the end, I’ll be left with nothing but a monolithic headache that not even Tylenol could suffuse.

So, I make sure that I’ll have a great week, I prep myself well, gird my loins and face Mondays with a smile (even if I don’t feel like it much). It’s mandatory to veer away from anything that might give me a tumultuous week even if it comes in small packages like a loved one.

I know it’s a western thing, tricking someone on April 1. But I’ve gone through years of experiencing something to that effect and most of the tricks I got brought nothing but doom and destruction, usually involving money or something that I am loathe to impart without good reason . . . like my sanity.

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The Nerd-gasmic Experience

Finally, today marks the end of my 30-day Nerdgasmic Experience. Nergasmic? Well, it’s a derivation of the term “nerdgasm“, which is described in the urban dictionary as a moment/time when a person has overindulged in activities deemed to be nerdy. And since we’ve already established that yours truly is a certified nerd and proud to be one, it’s not a foregone idea that I would find myself having a couple of nerdgasms.

Apart from plowing through sci-fi hits that defined the former eras like Star Wars, Blade Runner, Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica, a couple of new television series in Syfy occupied my time. Together with re-reading a couple of shojo mangas I have like Absolute Boyfriend and Vampire Knight, I have immersed myself into anime heaven and other related stuff.

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To Be Sincere or Not To Be Sincere

Is saying “I’m sorry” enough to convey empathy and sympathy? 

Going through a tough and very debilitating event in my life so far, I often wonder if those two – or rather 3, considering I’m is a contraction of I am – words are enough to really let the other person know you feel what they feel.

Then, a supplementary questions leaps up inside my head. Are those I’m sorries sincere?

Do we really empathize when emphatic words come out of our mouths automatically?

Perhaps people tend to just blurt out such customary remarks when faced with that situation because it is expected of them. It is the norm and therefore people should follow it even if their hearts are not really into it, which in a way is sad because it only means that the level of empathy people feel nowadays is slowly diminishing. It is replaced by auto-responders that the recipient of said emphatic words feel bad about after a moment of analyzing it.

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Players In The Game

What is “The Game” anyway?

Everything is a game. Life . . . love . . . relationships . . .

There are sets of rules – both written and unwritten – that we get to learn as we mature [for most of us at least]. We never intend to be part of the game but the moment we’re born, we are initiated into it as part of belonging to human society whether we like or not.

If I were given a choice, I wouldn’t want to be a part of the game or be a player. I like being a social misfit too much to conform being one of the billions of people populating the known world in the game.

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