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Deafening Silence

Do you sometimes want to tear your hair out when it’s all too quiet?

Deafening Silence
Image courtesy of http://www.allthatglittersbook.com © Rose Waugh 2004

I do.

Being too silent — whether we’re talking about your surroundings or a state of mind (i.e. business deals or waiting for a job offer) — often makes me anxious.

Yes, I do sometimes fall prey to the ever evil “A” complete with sweaty palms and countless pacing around my minute apartment. Thank goodness I don’t live with anyone, otherwise I will drive that person insane along with me.

Anyway, when it’s too silent, I feel a foreboding, ominous cloud hovering over my head; like it’s the calm before a storm or it signals and usher in something that I would not be able to control. When this happens, old bad habits, debilitating self-doubt and all-consuming fears return. The feeling of being powerless is slowly choking me, easing its way into my resolve and eventually rendering me vulnerable and helpless.

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