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Feeling The Good Vibrations

Image courtesy of www.silentjourney.com
Image courtesy of http://www.silentjourney.com

I believe that everything in this world has vitality . . . a certain vibration that makes the world come alive. I bask in it. I relish it. I want to explore it. I want to be a part of it.

After losing someone really important to me a couple of months ago, I took time to really reflect upon what I am, what I’ve been through and what I want to look forward to. As if nothing in this world makes sense, the words of my father when I was starting to learn how to play the guitar reverberated through my head.

“That’s good. Just practice and practice and soon, you can make your guitar sing.”

Remembering those words, I can feel that my dad wasn’t just talking about me playing the guitar. He was imparting a Confucius-type of lesson to me (he did that a lot when I was a kid, not really knowing the deeper meaning behind his words. It’s just now that I have mature (a bit) that I get to really see the depth of each subtle lesson given to me a long time ago.

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