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The World In Your Hands

When you’ve gone through years of debilitating self-doubt, no amount of coaxing from other people can get you out of that slump other than yourself.

I learned it the hard way when I’ve hit rock bottom and no one can help me out of it. I even begin to have a not-so-pleasant view of people in general during that time — something that is both true and sad:

[Most] People only help those in need when they can get something out of it. In short, the moment you ask a favor from them, they’ll own you for life even if you’ve repaid that favor a thousand times.

Pessimism aside, it was an excruciating experience not worth repeating. In spite of all the crying and the sleepless nights, nobody was able to help me other than myself. Therefore, I hardened myself and face the facts that the only person I can depend on is myself. 

I know that no man is an island and we are social beings. But being rejected a lot of times tend to be too painful and therefore, going along this mentality is a form of self-preservation.

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