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Affecting Others

I may pretend to be composed and self- possessed at times, especially when facing difficult situations wherein there’s an audience. But I do fall victim to one of the evils for self-control — panic.

Yes, I panic. Who doesn’t?  

When I am in the position where my I am not the only one who’ll get into a difficult situation, I panic and get into nervous breakouts. my face gets all whacked with zits and rough patches — completely psychological, I know. But sometimes . . .

Psychological and emotional stress can manifest into physical illness.

I believe that it’s only human to have panic attacks at least once in a lifetime. I may not like it, but like a bad case of viral infection, it creeps up on you when you least expect it. It’s surprising, debilitating and I am beset with the urge to run to the nearest mountain and embrace the possibility to become a hermit just to escape it. However, there’s no escaping panic when it’s not just you who’s involved.

Making Decisions = Game Plan 

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Because I’m so used to making decisions that only affect “ME”, when it comes to those that affect others, I’m stumped. It is much more difficult to make compared to when the only person involved in the decision is myself. But then again, anything is possible when you’re honest and ready to communicate with the people who are likely to get affected with a decision that you have to make.

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When In Doubt: The Simplest Way To Make a Decision

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There comes a time in my life when deciding something is a hard and often sweaty task, especially when these decisions need to be made in haste and would often constitute something life-altering. Whenever I’m in that crossroad, imagining making a deal with a crossroads demon, I always find myself vacillating between yes or no. Careful consideration must be taken into account, more so when it involves other people.

So the simplest way that always work is . . . whenever you are half-hearted about something or when doubts suddenly take a-hold of you, lean towards a no. Even with all the listing of pros and cons you’ve done, when your heart is not in it, it is likely the universe is telling you to back off.

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