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Today I declare… 
Something I haven’t bravely dared 
My lost soul crying from within
I never confessed to being fair. 

Today I declare… 
This broken soul be aware
Of the tyranny of self-doubt, I bear
And the fears have quietly shared. 
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Is It Or Isn’t It?

Yes… it’s been months of radio silence, and I promise that there’s an acceptable reason for it. But before I try to explain my prolonged absence from the Blogosphere, I wanted to tell you something with how crazy this chick can get some or most of the time.

Writing has been and always will be a sort of therapy for me. When things get to overwhelming, I write — whether I’m too happy or I’m too sad. Somehow, I can’t get into the middle ground of the emotional spectrum. Beats me.  Continue reading Is It Or Isn’t It?