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Easy Fridays 008: Ventura Highway by America

Ventura Highway by America
Image courtesy of rateyourmusic.com

I remember, when I was young(er), my mom used to play this cassette tape of The Greatest Hits of America on her boom box almost every day. She’d play the whole thing — side A and B — and move on to the next record. Then, whenever she’s not around, I’d play that America record to three particular songs, hitting the forward and rewind buttons over and over again to my heart’s content.

And so today, while thinking of the right soundtrack to the weekend to feature on Easy Fridays, Ventura Highway immediately came to mind.

[Click on the image below to watch the video.]

America - Homecoming

Whenever I hear this song, it just makes me think of long drives with friends, windows open, wind blasting my hair from my face and laughing at some old joke that only we can relate to. It’s a nice image that I miss doing so much. I wonder when we can do that again. It seems like ages since.  Hmm. . .


Easy Fridays 007: It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over by Lenny Kravitz

If I can think of a Lenny Kravitz song that is timeless and can still make my heart beat fast, it’s It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over. It’s also a great song to just jam towards the weekend.

This song makes me a bit nostalgic and at the same time imagine driving to the south in an unknown destination with a couple of close friends with the car windows open whilst exchanging a couple of light conversations.

Happy weekend!

Easy Fridays 006: Dee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart

Groove Is in the Heart

Ooh . . . la-la . . . la-la . . .

It’s Valentine’s Day today and somehow, this song has been playing inside my head long before I started making this post.

Yes, despite me being a rocker at heart, there’s a piece of me that liked groovin’ with a bit of pop. Aannnndddd . . . Dee-Lite‘s been on my playlist for years — my go-to jam when I just want to let loose.

So, shake that tush and do your funky moves (at least in the privacy of your home as I do) with Dee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart.

‘Til next Friday, y’all!

Easy Fridays 005: Allison Road by Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms Allison Road
Image courtesy of supreme-network.com

So when I was thinking of what song to usher in the weekend this time around, Allison Road was one of the firsts that came to mind.

Allison Road is the first song that made me fall in love with Gin Blossoms.  It’s also one of the first songs I learned how to play on my guitar way back when cellphones are bigger than wireless home phones and the internet is not that big of a deal yet.

It calms me down and it makes me a bit lethargic. After several hectic weekends, I think it’s time to hang up the dancing shoes and just stay at home — in bed — and relax.

‘Til next week!

Easy Fridays 004: Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl

Jay Kay (Jamiroquai)
Jay Kay (Jamiroquai) (Photo credit: gaisler | gigriders.com)

It’s Friday once again and it’s time for some groove to unwind and put on those funky moves on the dance floor (or your living room) because we need to dance inside our homes from time to time. It’s fun and there’s no cover charge.

***I’m shaking the stress off while channeling my inner Barbarella.***

As the title of this post suggest, it’s Jay Kay and one of my favorite jam music — Cosmic Girl.

Here you go . . .

Till next week!