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Wake Up Call Shenanigans

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Image courtesy of rapgenius.com

I am sick and tired of hearing people chronicling how they had their “wake up call” in an obviously insincere way. A little sob story here and a couple of anecdotes there . . . and viola! The poser gets to have the attention of many, blinding these people into following his or her footsteps in trying to make themselves a better person or veering their lives towards the right path all for the sake of fame and money.

Am I the only one who can see how fake it is? Are people really blinded when it comes to self-development that they’ll carry-on, believing some numb-nuts when — from the way I see it — self-development shouldn’t be completely reliant on money-making schemes or on a self-help book. Self-development should come from self-awareness and the drive to change (for the better) and not on making some greedy fool get more Benjamins out of a simple and logical idea that needn’t come from a book or a $500 speech. Unless the speaker or the author is a certified professional in the field of mental health, I’d rather not go down that road.

People, honestly, you can do so much reading and so much listening. Unless the will to change for the better hasn’t been knocked firmly into your head, nothing will change — you won’t change. You’ll just end up with a bunch of books and what-not that you’ll eventually donate or sell second-hand later on.

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