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Cloudy With A Chance Of Crazy

I found myself staring at a blank page for what seemed like an hour or so, trying to find words that I no longer can remember.

Have you been in this situation a lot?

I have… and it’s worse than writer’s block.

I’m prone to rambling and I’ll take this opportunity to apologize because I need to write it down or forever hold my peace. So bear with me if you can as I strive to make sense out of the craziness of it all.

You see, it’s been a cloudy weather inside my fishbowl head for quite some time now. It taunts me and tells me, “Hey! There are a lot to write about. But let’s make it a bit more interesting by making it a bit cloudy so the obvious is not that obvious.” Continue reading Cloudy With A Chance Of Crazy

Generation Straddler

I am a “Generation Straddler”.

What does that mean exactly?

Just imagine a person having one foot on each side of two states, straddling a state-line or a demarcation line. That’s what I am and those who were born in the same year I have (or at that age bracket) are considered generation straddlers.

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend about having a hard time defining which generation we belong to. You see, we were born in a very strategic year where we straddle two great decades that made a huge impact on the world as we know today.

x vs y

Spending my formative years between the 80s and the 90s was both enlightening and confusing. Those two decades can be viewed like an antithesis of each other. The boldness of the 80s versus the minimalism of the 90s. The junk food craze of the 80s versus the vegan emergence of the 90s. So it only goes to show that people who grew up as a generation straddler is more well-rounded, so to speak. We can get along with Gen-X and Gen-Y people without looking and sounding off.

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Rebuilding Bridges

luis royo_the labyrinth tarot_major arcana_the wheel of fortune
Tarot Major Arcana – The Wheel of Fortune by Luis Royo

The wheel of fortune is surely in overdrive for me this month. The whole month of April is one roller-coaster ride for me. From the moment the first day struck, I was given a sort of wake-up-call, falling victim to the old “April Fool’s Day” tricks that ushered in a slew of events that I never knew would happen. Suffice to say, April brought me a lot of ups and downs that would normally happen in a year’s time, not in just one freakin’ month.

For someone who doesn’t want to linger on the negatives as I’ve been drumming a list of affirmations to accompany my daily morning habit, I will only share the wonders that happened this month.

“A real proof of friendship is continuing where you left off as if a number of years had never stood between the times you were together.” (me)

Having lost contact with a close friend for almost a decade left a hollow space in my soul that the only solution was to rebuild the bridge between that gap. 

 . . . and oh! What a way to rebuild it!

That’s what one of the things I made sure to do and let it happen this April. 

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Nerd-letons In The Closet

Yes. I am a nerd. So what?

I am not alone in this world. I am just one of those who had that proverbial closet shut tight for eons because of peer pressure. It is hard to get by in school when you don’t have the “it-girl” persona in place or hanging out with the cool kids. The only time you get to open that closet is at home, in your lonesome little room littered with posters of Star Wars and Robotech gracing the stark white painted walls.

The reason behind hiding what people deemed now as “ordinary” before was the fear of being labeled as a freak.  Because of the changing perception of people and the influence of billionaire software developers and social media moguls, being termed a “nerd” is actually a compliment.

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