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The Power of the Hyperactive Sweat Glands

I have been vacillating whether to write this post and publish it or not because I know for a fact that there might be some who would get offended by this. However, a close friend told me it’s the right time to write something that I can very well say a lot about. And so, here goes . . .


When summer comes here in the tropical paradise I call home, it comes with a not-so-welcome price — sweating and irritating body odors.

One of the most important thing to have or include in your personal hygiene’s daily routine when living in a humid country is a deodorant. None of those extra gentle ones. You’ll need the strong ones — the one that makes you feel like your armpits are wearing a thick coating of Teflon. If not, you’ll be sweating buckets and carrying around the proof of it in your sweat-mapped shirts for all to see. If that’s not embarrassing enough, you’ll end up getting snarky looks and stink-eyes when crammed in a public transportation and you’re unconsciously (or consciously) emanating a funk like nothing else.

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Skin Deep

Real beauty is not just skin deep.

How many times have I heard this spoken and written somewhere? Countless. And yet, those five small words spoke more than all the sentences I might write in this post.


My younger version might be too dense to take this saying to heart. Before, beauty is all about makeovers for me. I mean, I’ve reinvented my style or look numerous times just to get that “look.” It was a trial, trying to make yourself look prettier when you’re not blessed with natural beauty unlike those you’ve lived and grown up with.

Insecurities abound in my childhood. My skin is too oily . . . I’m riddled with acne . . . I don’t have the right body type . . . yada . . . . yada . . . It grows old though – these meaningless insecurities. But it does affect ones’ outlook in life.

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Designing Life

I’ve been going on and on, talking about this topic with a dear friend of mine (someone I consider as my soul sister) for quite some time now and it never fails to inspire me into talking more. But enough talking. It’s time to write about it.

Just like a previous post I did here, the changes and allowances you make for yourself all leads to being marketable in the existential market called life. And believe me when I say, it’s a very chaotic market out there. To much competition. Too much politics. Not for the faint-hearted.


The usual way we go about reinventing ourselves is to change our appearance. From the cut and style of your hair, to the shade of lipstick you choose to wear, or the types of clothes you wear in whatever occasion you go to . . . everything you do to your appearance can make a big difference. But, it doesn’t stop there. You need to reinvent your character and even your outlook in life. All of these changes all boils down to attracting  people and eventually good vibes or good karma. 

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The “You” Brand

“You are your own brand. How you present yourself to the word defines who you are.”

I keep on telling myself that – sort of like a morning mantra.

Oh, I’m not referring to creating an alter ego or a different persona just to have people like you. No. I’m referring to what’s the real “YOU” and how you project that to others.

Picture yourself as a can of soup. The label would say something about you . . . a sales and marketing design, a logo, color combinations, et cetera. All of these will affect how consumers [people in general] perceives you. Will they pick your brand of soup or will they not? Is your label enticing enough? Why would they choose you amongst others of the same kind? What makes you “YOU”?

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