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Hate – A Prelude To Crime

Hate is such a strong emotion. It is a debilitating emotion that is so full of negative energy that I wish I’d rather not feel for the rest of my life. However, I cannot just close my eyes and pretend that emotion doesn’t exist. It does and I’ve fallen to it’s clutches a couple of time. I’ve seen it everywhere – in the news, my neighborhood and in the internet.

My heart and my mind was so disturbed further by the fruits of hate and how it destroys a supposedly “modern” society when I saw several posts in one of my Facebook groups. Apparently, the social media site has done nothing to suspend, block or delete a very discriminating and hateful group with the name  THOSE WITCHES ND WIZZADS MUST DIE BY FIRE BY FORCE (Note: It’s not a typo. They really spelled it as “Wizzads”. Makes you think that the admin or whoever made the group lacks proper education. I may not be a natural born English speaker, but I do know basic spelling and grammar) and the page Witches must die by fire.

Anyway, I was fairly boiling with rage by the time I read a couple of the posts there. I cannot believe such hateful propaganda,  vicious, maligning and totally out-of-their-senses kind of campaigns can be permitted in a social media platform and not get penalized. The attacks against other religions especially pagans, Wiccans and other esoteric believers in poorly phrased English is proof that whoever is managing that account has no understanding of what he/she is talking about. It was so st**id. 

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