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BUM 005: On Thinking Too Much

Boost-Up Monday episode 005

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

– Henry Ford

Nakabashi Bridge In Takayama by coward_lion
Nakabashi Bridge In Takayama
“Image courtesy of coward_lion / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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The Dying Game

We are all players in this game called life.

Life is a game that has so many rules to follow but only one that really speaks for what living is all about – the golden rule.

I have always believed the power to move people behind the words; Do unto others what you want others do unto you.These simple words can make wonders if only people will follow it. This saying may have been found as the basis of the concept of the karmic cycle, but either way, living life should be correspondent to the ultimate impression you want to leave behind.

My goal is to have at least one person to shed genuine tears of loss when I pass away.

There are two deaths in my family recently. My father died on October 7 of heart failure and a granduncle on October 10 of multiple injuries sustained from a circumstantial event. The recent losses took a sorrowful toll on the lives and loves that both men have left behind. I immediately imagined them reunited in the afterlife together with the others who had died before, attending a banquet with an impressive spread of food that they cannot indulge while they were still alive. I imagined them drinking the finest bourbon and reminiscing the memories they had of a life that passed by. I imagined them at peace.

This made me think.

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Less Is More

I love the concept of “Less is more” even if it’s been bandied about almost everywhere; from minimalist design to life lessons.  But even if it has become a quote prostitute, I still consider this simple and poignant saying as a source of inspiration.

three naked people holding placards saying less is more

I have to say, Robert Browning coined it perfectly in his poem “The Faultless Painter” and since then, many connotations have been derived from those three small words that may be meaningless to some, but awfully meaningful to me. It sorted out a lot of gunk in my life.

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Ugly Verbal Bruises

Just like any other ordinary person, I had my fair share of ups and downs – both in my career and my personal life.

The experiences that really affected me and in turn mold me to what I am right now were the negative ones. Maybe it’s human nature to remember the heartaches more than the joys. Maybe it’s human nature that made me believe of bettering myself to prove those people, who have thrown hateful words at me, wrong.

“Be careful what you say in anger or spite because the verbal bruises do not heal that fast and can sometimes leave an indelible mark.”

I blame people’s inability to empathize.

I blame people’s ability to be insensitive.

I blame people’s inability to discipline their wayward tongues and inflict wounds that can never be healed by Betadine and antibiotic ointments.

The ugly verbal bruises and/or wounds that will forever linger as long as we don’t resolve it within ourselves debilitates our capacity to function well with the company of other people. There’s always the self-doubt. There are always the questions . . .

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The Trouble With Paradise

Everyone wants to go to heaven or rather – paradise.

Is it bad that I don’t?

Just the concept of heaven and hell is open to so much discussion, controversy and conflict that will forever breech a line between fanaticism and rationalism. I don’t want to get entangled with that kind of sh*t. So, I will always remain very Switzerland in this and veer as far away as I can from being stoned to death [virtually].

I was born and raised as a Catholic. My mother would probably give me the eternal stink-eye when I she gets wind of my views on this life-long debacle of “what’s there in the afterlife”?

With all the indoctrination, catechism and long, boring homilies I’ve endured since I learned how to listen and be susceptible to brainwash, I now wonder: Will I ever get to paradise if I continue to doubt its existence?

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