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The Curious Case of the Ghost In My Machine

My day wouldn’t – always – be complete without my formerly trusted machine acting up and giving me plenty of attitude.

As if dealing with a couple of animate lifeforms with attitude is not enough, the inanimate one wants to join in the metaphorical bandwagon and raise up the infernal banner up high with words written in bold red block letters: 



It predictably makes me see  bloody murder! Screaming at the top of its lungs “Ra -ra -ra . . .” and accompanied by all those manically waving imaginary glittering pom-poms are driving me insane!

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Like Alice in Nightmare-land Part Deux

Note: This is a continuation of my previous post Like Alice in Nightmare-land.

Disney's Alice In Wonderland
Disney’s Alice In Wonderland

I was once again beset with the same sweat-dripping nightmare I had a couple of weeks ago. Donning my metaphorical sky-blue petticoated dress and getting sucked in that infernal rabbit hole is beginning to create a chain of unsettling emotions and feelings that is harder and harder to forget without resorting to a lobotomy. I wouldn’t mind if Keanu Reeves (Neo in The Matrix) will be there at the end of the rabbit hole to catch me.

They say that dreams are like extensions of reality and that whatever you are experiencing in real life reflects what you see and experience during your unconscious state. However, I don’t think this saying applies to me now. I mean, I may have problems and stress, but it’s not enough to call forth really disturbing dreams that is so unlike the others I had before. And being a recurrent one is more disturbing by my measure.

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Megalomaniac Tendencies

Tears for Fears sang it right: Everybody wants to rule the world.

Well . . . if not everybody, then most people do.

There’s always some sort of power struggle in most industries and countries. Every facet of today’s modern living can attest to that. There’s no curb or path that you wouldn’t see people wanting to own or rule somebody else’s life. It’s a fact of life.

Why am I suddenly spouting something serious when I’m known in private circles as someone who’d rather talk about food, music and books 24/7?

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Think. Create. Share.

I love the idea of living in this time and age.

A century ago, THIS and numerous other social network platforms wouldn’t be possible. And as a women, I have more freedom to express my ever-wandering and imaginative thoughts.

When before women were discouraged to voice out their opinions or dare challenge men’s point of views even if they’re completely idiotic, now women often win discussions and arguments against men and have proven ourselves valuable in today’s societies. We are not merely second-class citizens, relegated to home and hearth. 

Lord know, if I was born a century or two ago, I would have been burned as a witch. Oh, am I so glad to be a woman in this century.

Anyway, most people frolicking in social media platforms has something in common with each other. We think, then we write/create and then we share.

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Never Is A Long Time

There is an old saying about not swearing or saying anything with finality because it will come back to haunt you later. I should have heeded that ominous warning that had been muttered over and over again since I was a kid. Now, it’s munching on my tush and I have no power to turn back time.

creation_700_4325How I wish H.G. Wells’ fantastical contraption or Dr. Brown’s 1981 Delorean in Back To The Future weren’t just figments of the writers’ imagination. With that thought in mind, I started wondering what I would have done if there is an actual time machine.

This had been asked to me — and possibly several thousand other kids too — in school. Although it’s quite an innocent and simple thought, it provoked at least a hundred possibilities and endless barrage of images or eras I would love to go to.

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