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The Shush Effect

Ever been in a situation where you are stuck in a three-hour bus trip with four or five loud women (possibly in their twenties or early thirties), giggling like freakin’ schoolgirls while they talk (or brag) about nonsensical stuff like how many men they met on the beach and asked for their digits?

I have a distinct feeling that they’re still high on whatever accompanied their tequila bodyshots that made them sell glimpses of their bosoms and booties to those men who asked for their digits. Anyway, I digress.

Is it a sign of aging when I say that I was annoyed enough to give them several stink-eyes and dealt them with my face-melting “Shush!” after the number of failed attempt of sending sinister looks their way?

Yes . . . I am that grumpy extra passenger in the middle of the bus with my earbuds on to dilute the silly chitchat happening around me and lose myself to the soothing rockin’ beats of The Chemical Brothers and Nine Inch Nails.

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The Sh*t That Happens . . . Again and Again

I have lost count on how many times I have shitty moments in my life.

Those who can probably count those moments in one hand are the fortunate ones. I am green or purple (a color that results from high blood pressure and inability to breathe well)  with envy. Then, I would look like to high heavens and have an internal dialogue pretending that I am talking to God with a virtual shaking fist of fury added to the mix of lamentations. “Why me?!”

I sometimes feel like the world is snickering while conspiring against me with every unfortunate event that comes my way. But I shall endure! (with another virtual shaking fist to high heavens)

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The “You” Brand

“You are your own brand. How you present yourself to the word defines who you are.”

I keep on telling myself that – sort of like a morning mantra.

Oh, I’m not referring to creating an alter ego or a different persona just to have people like you. No. I’m referring to what’s the real “YOU” and how you project that to others.

Picture yourself as a can of soup. The label would say something about you . . . a sales and marketing design, a logo, color combinations, et cetera. All of these will affect how consumers [people in general] perceives you. Will they pick your brand of soup or will they not? Is your label enticing enough? Why would they choose you amongst others of the same kind? What makes you “YOU”?

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Strong Woman

I remember having an over-enthusiastic foreign student before who shouts when he speaks, making my ears right every time. He has a wicked way of doing so close to the ear and would assume a recalcitrant schoolboy look afterwards when I give him a disapproving look.

Anyway, this person once said (or rather shouted), “You strong woman, Rose!”

He sounded like some Neanderthal, carrying a stone club and wearing some furry animal skin as a loincloth. After he shouted, an image of an Amazonian woman with a bull whip strapped to the side and wearing Xena-type, navel-baring costume came to mind. Me in that garb almost made me faint.

And then, I wondered what a strong woman really is like. Several points reinforced the Amazonian image.

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