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Life Like A Bento Box

I love how Japanese people pack their lunches. It is so creative, neat and balanced.

“If only life could be like a bento box, it would be easier to navigate it, compartmentalize and have everything in just one nifty package.”

Now, you may ask what is this woman rambling on about?

I just had a thought that the more you age, the more you suffer from all the extras life hands out.

Then, I had a momentary flashback of my “Japanese Fascination” phase.  Everything I crave was related to Japanese during that time. There’s the ramen (of course), anime, J-Pop, J-Dorama, Doraemon, sentai and even hentai. I gobble it up like a starving man after a whole day of fasting during Lenten season.

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Mr. Christian T. Grey: The Bad That Became Good

Huh? What’s with the title, you say?

Anyone who had the privilege to read (and finish) E L James’ trilogy can probably relate to this.

fifty shades of grey trilogy book covers

Just a little backstory . . .

This book-a-holic went into a reading dry spell for months, unable to find that elusive tome that will bring out the inspiration needed by most writers to get the creative juices going. And just like most writers, I have a TBR list. I was able to get my own e-book copies of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy for months before I actually read it and finished them. I blame my laziness in reading via computer. It hurts the eyes when you stare at the monitor for a long time. This is a fact that I share to most people I get to talk to.

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