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Stranded Realities

When you see someone — perhaps a stranger — strutting like he owned the world, have you ever thought that he has issues with self-esteem or if he was born to rule the world with his [too] generous smiles and soft voice?

I wonder how I came to be like this…

not all battles can be fought alone

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Reading As Therapy

They say I’m an addict. But am I? Really? [cue in Not An Addict by K’s Choice] I’d rather be called a book lover – not an addict — because clearly, I love reading.

You see, I own around 700+ paperbacks/softcover/hardcover books and more than a thousand e-books in my hard drive. I have to admit [tongue-in-cheek) that almost 80% of them are romantic fiction.

Unlike some I know who are clearly posers and have acquired tons of books that they only read about 20% of them … I’ve all read mine (with the exception of those in my TBR folder, which is currently brimming with A LOT of e-books).

What can I say? I READ WHEN I AM BORED.

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Cleaning Out The Undesirables

It’s time to turn a new leaf.

steamlining the friends list

I read somewhere (or maybe I heard — not really sure which) that in order to live a stress-free life, you have to get rid of the negatives in your life.

Easier said than done.

Human nature and the universe work together in keeping things balanced. There won’t be positives without the negatives … no good without evil … no Peter Pan without Captain Hook … yada … yada …

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What The Heart and The Eyes Want

They accuse me of being choosy.

You see, when you reach a certain age and still is single, people would think all sorts of reasons why you’re still single (barring the myth that all singletons are covered in scales and can turn into a carnivorous creature at night).

The reason I always heard is I’m not yet married because I’m choosy and have high standards in men — that I’m too stuck on a certain ‘type’ that I cannot settle for anything less. It does sound shallow and vain if that’s the real reason. But, I have to put my foot down and say a very simple reason: I like being single. In fact, I make being single an art form (heh!).  Continue reading What The Heart and The Eyes Want