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You Break It, You Pay For It

When I was a kid, my parents used to warn me to keep my hands behind my back whenever we’re in the fragile part of a department store (i.e., the glassware and home accessories section). My mom would tell me that if I break something, I’ve got to pay for it. For a kid with limited funds, that’s enough to make me get scared and opt-out from the excursion on that part of the store.

Now, looking back on those words, I can’t help but relate it to every day my life, but it a less literal way.

I learned early on that glass, ceramics and porcelain are not the only things that can break. Trust, hope, love and all the abstract things in our lives can be broken too — and we have to pay for it one way or another.  Continue reading You Break It, You Pay For It


Special To Average

Yesterday’s special is average now.

The signs of time is always at work and human nature prevails 99% of the time. How so?

You see, I’ve always been fascinated with history and how people perceive beauty in all its different forms.  As an artist, it’s what I do and where I draw inspiration from sometimes.

Truth: As the world progresses, so as people’s perception on what is acceptable and not.

This thinking led me to believe that what people perceive as special a hundred years ago is not so this time.

Why am I rambling about this?

It’s because of the silly childhood pictures I stumbled upon yesterday while cleaning my storage area. I didn’t mean to look at them and reminisce the awkward stages of my life. But, apparently, the universe and its powers are at work once again and the whole bunch just dropped on the floor. Faded pictures scattered around me, making me cringe as my ultra-selective-bionic eyes zeroed in on an image of me wearing a hideous shirt and shorts ensemble partnered with my accidental semi-afro hair and dark framed glasses. I remember thinking that I was cute wearing that outfit all those years ago. Looking at it now, I want to murder whoever designed those clothes.

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