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The Power of the Hyperactive Sweat Glands

I have been vacillating whether to write this post and publish it or not because I know for a fact that there might be some who would get offended by this. However, a close friend told me it’s the right time to write something that I can very well say a lot about. And so, here goes . . .


When summer comes here in the tropical paradise I call home, it comes with a not-so-welcome price — sweating and irritating body odors.

One of the most important thing to have or include in your personal hygiene’s daily routine when living in a humid country is a deodorant. None of those extra gentle ones. You’ll need the strong ones — the one that makes you feel like your armpits are wearing a thick coating of Teflon. If not, you’ll be sweating buckets and carrying around the proof of it in your sweat-mapped shirts for all to see. If that’s not embarrassing enough, you’ll end up getting snarky looks and stink-eyes when crammed in a public transportation and you’re unconsciously (or consciously) emanating a funk like nothing else.

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