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The TVholic Sabbatical

I admit. I am a TVholic.

Image courtesy of www.dopaminefunction.com
Image courtesy of http://www.dopaminefunction.com

Watching 34 TV shows at the same time is enough proof that I am one. I always tell those who tease me or shake their annoying heads at me that I watch too much TV during my free time (making my social life close to nonexistent) that it’s better to get hooked with TV shows/series that I can learn something from rather than get hooked on gossiping or narcotics. That’s my defense. But the real reason I do so is because I’m lazy.

I’m lazy to primp in front of the mirror before going out of my cocoon because I don’t want to get criticized by viper-tongued bullies who think they’re the fashion police or something.

I’m lazy to go out and socialize with other people who had nothing better to talk about than the latest on-dit on their favorite local Pinoy Teleserye or variety show.

I’m lazy to don my social mask and pretend that I like talking to people who can’t get my drift or have a different wavelength.

I’m lazy to entertain people with my ever-present wit and sometimes smart-ass comments because that’s what they expect me to do — all the time!

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