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Versions: Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun

Paramore is one of those pop/rock bands that had amassed a massive following even before they got major exposure through the first where their song Decode is included. It was rare to have a girl-fronted modern pop/rock/alternative band to get major mainstream success.

I don’t know if it’s a misogynistic mindset among music consumers that any pop/rock/alternative band fronted by a woman is lame. Hello!!! The 90’s band scene spawned such amazing female vocalists like Shirley Manson of Garbage and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth to name a few. And what about Joan Jett and Janis Joplin? (I could go on and on with this — believe me. Lol!)

Anyway, I always thought that Hayley Williams is one interesting artist; She can actually go solo and be successful. But together with the rest of the band, she’s phenomenal. She seems much brighter when she performs with the rest of the guys. Yeah, she’s a star — without a doubt.

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Versions: Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know

I haven’t done one of these for quite sometime. But I come to redeem my inattention with something that is slightly current and fresh.

I am certain that there are tons of people who are fans of the multi-platinum single Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. It made him a commodity especially when it was covered by several contestants in various TV singing competitions, renewing its already climbing popularity. But despite this song going mainstream, the indie element that I grew to love and appreciate always shines through whenever this record is played. That is the sole reason why I still tolerate hearing this song after getting several off-key performances in several noontime TV shows in local networks here in my country.

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Versions: Britney Spears’ Womanizer

Ooh . . . I can just hear the reeling reactions of those who know me personally and checking out this post. WTF! Britney Spears?! And Rose?!

It doesn’t make sense, right?

I know . . . I know, I’ll probably be virtually crucified by Spears’ fans by announcing to the world at large that I am far from being a fan. I actually turn green whenever my youngest sister would play Britney Spears on her cassette player back in the day (we shared a room while growing up and the saddest part is, I’m 7 years older than her. So our preferences in music weren’t exactly compromising).

Anyway, I wrote this post to generally thank Ms. Spears and her creative team for creating a record that Franz Ferdinand was able to salvage and re-create a version that totally floats my boat. I mean, I know and heard the original version a couple of times and was never that impressed, but the moment I saw the video of Franz Ferdinand doing a live rendition of this song with all their quirkiness and indie punk flavor thrown in, I became a believer. 

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Versions: Two Door Cinema Club’s Undercover Martyn

I love this band.

Since the moment I heard them back 2010 with the catchy tune “Undercover Martyn” I was hooked. Then, I was overcame with this compulsion in getting my hands on everything musical from them. That’s when my journey to finding live tracks from their most popular tunes because I’m not the only one who thinks that a true test in finding a great artist would have to do with sounding better in live performances than in the album. And boy . . . these Irish lads had taken control over my heart.

Therefore, as an initial offering to the “Versions” segment, I bring you the official album version of Two Door Cinema Club’s “Undercover Martyn” and the live acoustic performance.

(Click on the image to watch the video)


TDCC - undercover martyn (album)


TDCC - undercover martyn (acoustic)


So, what do you think? Is the live acoustic better than the album version or vise versa?