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Villa Vicenta

The place might not be 100% safe when my sister and I went there this month (October 5-10, 2013) because of the Zamboanga City Crisis, but paying our respects to my father’s memory overruled any reservations we might have had and went along with the original plan of being at my father’s hometown — the same place where generations of our family were buried.

We girded our loins and braved the tense peace of the island to celebrate our father’s first death anniversary despite the obvious unfavorable weather and the imminent thread still lurking in the shadows of the destruction.

Yes, unfavorable. How so? It rained continuously the whole time we were there, resulting to a flooded runway and caused us to be stranded there for 3 days. However terrible the trip was though, I was still grateful that we stayed in a beautiful villa owned by our grandaunt — a villa that carried the name of our clan’s departed matriarch — “Villa Vicenta”.

Located in the outskirts of downtown Zamboanga City, Villa Vicenta is privately owned by the Atilano Family and is surrounded by lush, dense greens, its beauty untarnished despite the downpour. Here are shots I took of the place.

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Panoramic View of the west side - Villa Vicenta
Panoramic View of the west side – Villa Vicenta

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Writing: Therapeutic or Not?

the word blog written through a typewriter
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I was in a tumultuous place before I started this blog. It’s like nothing ever seems to click. Everything I do doesn’t add up to anything I want to accomplish. The worse thing was, the same old fears that I battled against a decade ago came crashing back and I felt miserable and none too happy with what I foresee of my future. It was a bad place to be in.

I lost interest on activities that usually makes me feel better. I used to have a full social calendar and I never lack for company. I always had a person to talk to and had the financial security to back up my social life.

Then the recession happened.

Even if I live in a different continent, the world market’s decline had a big impact on the industry I worked in. There were major cuts and unfortunately, I was one of them. After having an awkward meeting with the CEO and HR Manager, I completely shut down. I closeted myself in my apartment for three whole days without talking to anyone and my phone turned off.  I lost my zest for living.

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