. . . to my brainless attempt in sharing some of my ever twisted take on several of life’s numerous lessons and other mundane topics.  I’m not really sure if there are kindred spirits out there, but if there are . . . I’m glad. At least I won’t be swinging alone even if it’s only in the wonderful and often scary virtual world.

Please feel free to share, comment and/or like. My published posts are listed at the left side of this page (your left). Read at your own risk. Posts are generally my opinions and tend to be self-centered. Well . . . that’s what this blog is all about . . . myself and my meandering thoughts and ideas. 

What’s in The Good/Bad Me SHOP?

The SHOP menu is still active and running.  

Visitors and followers can browse through the book catalog of those I personally recommend (of course I read them all!). There’s also a section for my other fascination — the Occult. Guidebooks, Tarot Card Decks and Runes available to purchase online are also there. So SHOP . . . SHOP . . . SHOP!!! 

An old news!

The Scroll Saints website is still unavailable, but I’m doing something to get right back in the game. I know it’s taking too darn long and I appreciate the followers of my online progressive novel for their patience and understanding. Protecting my work is my utmost concern right now. We can never be too sure who’ll take credit for the blood, sweat and tears I put with The Scroll Saints . Writers all around would completely understand and stand by me with this. Anyway, as soon as the site is back, I’ll let you guys know posthaste.  I still have that keg ready when that joyous moment happens. 🙂


***MAJOR DISCLAIMER: Some of the images I use in this blog, especially those that don’t bear my face, are not mine. The videos linked from Youtube are also not mine. I do not own them.***


A serious warning to plagiarizers: Although I am a lover of all shapes and kinds, I’m a confessed hater of those who cannot come up with their own stuff and steal other people’s intellectual property. Please do your copy/pasting somewhere else. This is MY personal blog, therefore, it contains my own thoughts and feelings. Have a little shame.

So, that’s all for now. Happy reading and keep on rocking! 



~ Rose Min


**Want to know more about me, check out my ABOUT page.


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