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Time Changes, Everything Changes

When left all by myself, my brain goes into hyper-drive — a by-product of being intra-personal for half of my existence so far — I get so down into the whole introspection, over-analyzing situations sometimes. (Yes… I’m self-critical too, and it’s a habit that I’ve been trying to wean myself from for decades.)

When I’m in the “zone”, I think up the most silliest and sometimes the most damning existential thoughts (and questions) that can go on for thousands of years. And one of them is: If time is constant and everything changes, how come history repeats itself?

Who has time to even think about this?

work life balance


Ahem … I guess that’s me. But maybe, in some way, there are others there who’ve thought of the same thing but can’t vocalize it (or in this case, blog about it) in fear of being condemned as a great, big, silly fool.

But come to think of it, it does make one think why history repeats itself when the concept of change is not to repeat something that has already happened.

When we think of change, it’s progress — a step forward and not a step backward — and history is certainly all about taking steps backward.

So, where is the disconnect? Why does history repeat itself when change is constant in our lives?

I guess it all boils down to our stagnated thinking at times. Even when change is all around us, our brains sometimes holds back to go with that change.

  • Learn from your experiences.
  • Get the moral lesson out of each situation

Those were the words that were drummed into me by the parental units since I was young. And even if I’ve lived through those words, my predilection of forgetting those lessons (intentionally or not?) is my burden to keep. I am inflicted with a drifter’s mind. I stray from my goal… my target… and I have no one to blame but myself.

Lately, I’ve been in situations that I can’t help but ask myself if I am the culprit behind it. I find myself wondering if I’m the “difficult one”. I even question my decisions after I make them. Otherwise, if it’s not me, then I have the most rotten luck even, something that my youngest sister pointed it out to me on one of our numerous Viber calls. She said, “How come I never get to experience what you’ve been thrown in all the time, ate?” Then, I told her, knowing her personality, “Maybe it’s a test of my mettle, or God knows how you’ll react if you were in my place and that’s utterly and positively catastrophic.”

It’s all so true though. I’ve been known to be patient and barely get raving mad unlike my ticking-time-bomb sisters. So, I have a feeling that for every high-tension situation I’m in is a test of my endurance. It’s like the universe is doing a “balancing accounts” thing, weighing if the person to put under a stressful scenario can handle it or not.

Thank goodness nothing lasts forever. Or else my la vida loca will escalate to la vida mental  and I will truly have something to pick with the universe’s head honcho.

I think the secret to keeping things as normal (define normal? Haha) and as tight (in the head) as possible, even when you’re about to toss your oats because of too much stress and tension is keeping yourself semi-distracted by doing other things that makes you happy (a.k.a. hobbies –> the good ones of course).

Surround yourself with people who wouldn’t have the tendency to aggravate you more or weigh you down. In this case, do your own “balancing accounts” by eliminating the stressors, which includes people who doesn’t bring any merit in your life.

Learn from past experience, but never linger on the past. Adopt the adage “So what, now what” as a guiding thought. Yes, everything changes, but let’s hope that the change is good and wouldn’t be a repeat of a less than stellar experience or else you’re just going to go around in circles, which is exhausting and debilitating.

Lastly, create a work-life balance. When it’s time to work, do it. When it’s the weekend, enjoy your personal time. There’s more to life than work… believe me.

Let’s all eliminate the feeling of deja vu because honestly, as long as you’re doing great in moving forward, deja vu won’t have an opportunity to occur… unless you have “the gift”.

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