I want to borrow the O’Jays famous lyric: I love music. Yes, I do. Always had and always will.

Musical appreciation is one legacy my mom and dad gave me that brought me unsurpassed delight and consolation during the different stages of my sometimes tumultuous and sometimes boring life. It is what drove me to become a musician – an amateur at that – as well.

Music is truly the universal language. It moves people and it certainly moves me. From the time I can remember, music had driven me to do things. It encourages and inspire me to go on with life. And like a good movie, life – at least my life – consists of different records that defined each year . . . each era . . . a moment . . . a day . . . everything.

So I’m listing down several albums, songs, tracks that contributed into what I am right now.  Some of them will come from bygone eras and some are relatively new from indie rock bands that are making waves as of the moment. Like my personality, my taste in music is quite eclectic, so bear with me when I post something that is not really your cup of tea. I am fully inclined towards rock – from punk rock to alternative rock. But I do listen to almost all types of genre: classical, opera, jazz, pop, contemporary, Latin, instrumental, electronica, house, trance, OPM, blues and an occasional country/folk. For sure, there’s something for everyone. 

There will be links to YouTube videos so make sure you like them to show appreciation. 

As a preview of what you’ll expect from moi, here’s some of my all-time faves.

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday (This is the live version of the U2 song that definitely made me a fan when I was just 10 years old.)

The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (Because I’m a true punk at heart, I wouldn’t let his classic Ramones track . . . ever. I even made this my wake-up music for 3 years!)

The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket (This track was released on my birth year! Coincidentally, I loved it! It’s one of those self-affirming songs that never gets out of style.)

Erik Satie – Nocturne no. 1 (The first of the Nocturne series, I listen to this as well as the Gnossienne series whenever I need to relax a little bit or to think. Erik Satie never fails to soothe the most stressed part of me — my heart.)

AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night All (There is no reason on earth a rocker wouldn’t like even one AC/DC song. This is defined the rocker soul in me.)

KC and The Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes (I know . . . it’s totally uncharacteristic of me. Remember? Eclectic tastes. This is the song that I let loose in, especially when I’m cleaning my ever-chaotic closet.)

Be sure to check in for more since this segment of my blog will be quite progressive. 


P.S. There might be an instance when I share my own compositions. Who knows?


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